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Residential Cleanouts, Hauling & cleanups

BB Junk provides reliable hauling services to residential homes in the Houston and nearby areas.

Whether you’re moving to a new space or simply cleaning up your existing one, BB Junk will haul and remove your unneeded items at an affordable and competitive rate.

Services include Foreclosure Cleanups, Residential Junk Removal, Hauling & Recycling, Furniture Cleaning and more.

Book an appointment or call us at (281) 736-0660 to schedule your next pickup.

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#1 Choice for Junk Removal in Houston


Junk Removing Made Simple.

Get anything and everything removed now. Just book a load and we’ll be there at your designated time and location.

Give us at call at  (281) 736-0660 to schedule your next pickup.



We’ll schedule a pick as soon as possible.  


Book an affordable junk removal service.



Work with us directly. No pointless calls with secretaries.

Old Electronics

We can get rid of your old televisions, monitors, printers and other electronics that you no longer need.

Old Furniture

No longer need a couch, chair or cabinet? We’ll remove your old furniture so it’s not cluttering your home.


We can take your junk and dispose of it safely. Regardless of the amount of junk you need removed, we’re up for the job.


We can get rid of your construction debris so you won’t have to worry about disposing of it.

Your House Doesn’t Have To Look Like This!

No matter how much you need removed, we’ll be here.

The job’s not finished until you’re satisfied.

Book a load now and get EVERYTHING removed.


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