BB Junk Removal

Houston TX & Surrounding Areas

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Type of Junk

Yard Waste

Full Yard Waste Removal – Including Leaves, Sticks, Dirt & more.


Quickly Remove Softs, Chairs, tables and other large furnitures



Computers, Large TVS & other electronics



Get anything and everything removed quick and affordably.



Book with us directly. 

We’ll schedule a pick as soon as possible.  


Stop being overcharged by large companies. 

Book an affordable junk removal service.



Family & owned and operated. 

Work with us directly. No pointless calls with secretaries.


Get Anything and EVERYTHING Removed

No junk is too small or too large. Refrigerators, hot tubs, riding mowers, construction cleanup. Get it out now!

BB Junk Removal

Houston TX and Surrounding Areas

Dedicated to providing Junk Removal services in Houston and surrounding Areas.

BB Junk an affordable and reliable junk removal company serving Houston and nearby areas. If there’s any junk you want removed, just contact me.

I’ll remove anything for you. No junk is too big. From furnitures, construction debris, refrigerators, mattresses, couches and more.

Single pickups are also available. Just contact me. Book an appointment now.

Services include but not limited to any forms of junk, trash, furnitures or debris. We also remove refrigerators, mattresses, couches and more.

Single pickups are also available, Just contact me.

We can get rid of all your junk, including old electronics, furniture, construction debris and much more.




Construction Debris

A Word From Bill, Founder of BB Junk


Hey how’s it going. My name is Bill and I founded this company in 2010.


I founded BB Junk because the old company didn’t care about their customers. 

Often times, they were late in their pickups and weren’t reliable or organized because they were so large. To them, you’re just another number and the quality suffered.


BB Junk is meant to provide reliable and affordable junk removal services to Houston and its surrounding areas.


When you call, you’re only going to be dealing with me. I’ll plan out my schedule at the earliest convenient time and when we set a time, I will be there.

Give me a call and let’s discuss our next project.




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